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ANTLER CONSULTING with its group company M/s ADEPTO GEOINFORMATICS Pvt Ltd. & M/s ANTLER TECHNOLOGIES since 2007 with group of dedicated experienced, professionals committed to provide high quality, reliability and affordable services.

Embark on a firsthand journey of pride and unwavering commitment to excellence through our seamless recruitment process. As pioneers in diverse educational fields, we possess a remarkable knack for identifying accomplished academicians and tech-savvy intellectuals, handpicking the finest candidates for universities with utmost precision.

We have our distinct specialized expert pool which has qualified professionals with education "Doctorates, Post-Doctoral Scholars, Postgraduates in Science & Information Technology, Business Management, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences".

We offer teaching and research expertise in

  • Database experts,
  • Data Sciences,
  • Computer Science and Engineering,
  • Computer Science and Engineering (AI & ML),
  • Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science),
  • Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security),
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering,
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering,
  • Electrical Power Engineering,
  • Information Technology,
  • Civil Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Embedded Systems,
  • Structural Engineering,
  • VLSI Design,
  • Gis developers,
  • Project Management (PMP) consultants and More...

Who are agile and scrum masters. Our stringent screening and verification process ensures the highest quality and authenticity of credentials.

Ignite the untapped potential of your institution through our unmatched recruitment solutions. Elevate your competitive advantage by accessing top-tier talent. Join forces with ANTLER Consulting today and redefine the boundaries of academic excellence.

Employment Opportunities for Educators in Ethiopian Government Universities

Ethiopia, a nation steeped in ancient history, embraces both a vibrant cultural heritage and a commitment to progress through education. Its higher education system boasts over 52+ universities, encompassing both public and private institutions.

However, the rapid growth of the education sector has led to a shortage of local faculty members to teach undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students at these universities. Consequently, there is a pressing need for qualified educators at various levels.

For many years, Indian professors have successfully bridged this gap, establishing a strong reputation within Ethiopia's academic community. They have had the honor of teaching Ethiopian Presidents and esteemed political figures, earning widespread respect.

Join the esteemed community of ANTLER and contribute to the future of a nation while forging an enduring and remarkable career for yourself.

"Elevate Minds, Empower Ethiopia: Join the ANTLER Teaching Community Today!"

Basic Salary

Academic Designation
Engineering Technology
Information Technology
Social Science


$1950 - $2860

$1950 - $2860

$1300 - $1950

Assistant Professor

$2015 - $3250

$1950 - $3250

$1560 - $1950

Associate Professor

$2080 - $3900

$1950 - $3900

$1690 - $2600


$2080 - $4550

$1950 - $4550

$1820 - $3250

Note: *The salary ranges provided above are approximate.

Simple Method

Qualification Required

A minimum 2+ years of teaching experience is required.

A Ph.D. degree is a mandatory requirement for all teaching positions in Ethiopia.

Research experience is highly valued.

Experience in the industry is a plus point.

Other Benefits

Contract term of two years, renewed upon mutual agreement.

Low cost of living: $300-$400 per month

Airline tickets for yourself and your family

ANTLER Consulting Placement Process

We collaborate with top-tier universities to facilitate the placement of faculty members and research scholars.

We handle the documentation process, provide regular feedback, and offer post-recruitment support to both the faculty and the university.

We analyze the needs of Human Resources in academic and research development opportunities at esteemed universities, identify relevant positions, and diligently seek the best-fit candidates from the ANTLER database to match the requirements.

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