What culinary/food delights await in Ethiopia?

Food worries cease to exist in Ethiopia. Abundant provisions of wheat, rice, vegetables, fruits, as well as poultry, meat, and fish are readily accessible throughout the country at affordable prices.

What is the prevailing climate in Ethiopia like?

The majority of universities in Ethiopia are situated in the highlands, offering a refreshing hill station climate. With an average temperature of approximately 20 degrees Celsius, the highland regions provide a pleasant and moderate atmosphere.

What is the safety situation like in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia stands as one of the safest nations in the African region. Numerous Indian teaching faculty members have been working in Ethiopia for extended periods, many accompanied by their families.

Ethiopians hold a deep respect for Indians, as some of their own lecturers and professors were once students under the tutelage of Indian teachers during their schooling and college years. Moreover, a significant number of Indian women teaching faculty are actively engaged in various universities across Ethiopia.

What can I expect for accommodation arrangements?

Universities offer accommodation for a duration of one week. Support in securing permanent accommodation is typically provided by the respective universities. Selected candidates can also seek assistance from Indian professors who are already working in the same universities.