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We work with the best of universities to place the Faculty & Research scholars

Discover a consultancy unlike any other. At ANTLER, we revolutionize the field of faculty placements through collaboration & partnership with esteemed universities and technical institutes.

Our world-class experts apart from spearheading the students as renowned faculty & subject matter expert engage in research and development, offering an unprecedented advantage to our academic partners.

Experience our pride and commitment to excellence firsthand with our user-friendly recruitment process. As leaders in various educational domains, we excel at sourcing academicians and tech-savvy intellectuals, meticulously selecting the best candidates for universities.

We have our distinct specialized expert pool which has qualified professionals with education "Doctorates, Post-Doctoral Scholars, Postgraduates in Science & Information Technology, Business Management, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences".

We also provide database experts, IT developers, ANTLER developers and Project Management (PMP) consultants, who are agile and scrum masters. Our stringent screening and verification process ensures the highest quality and authenticity of credentials

Unleash your institution's potential with our unparalleled recruitment solutions. Gain the competitive edge you deserve by accessing the finest talent.

Partner with ANTLER Consulting today and redefine academic excellence.

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Building and Promoting ANTLER and Remote Sensing Services & Solutions

ANTLER CONSULTING with its group company M/s ADEPTO GEO INFORMATICS Pvt Ltd. & M/s ANTLER TECHNOLOGIES since 2007 with group of dedicated experienced, professionals committed to provide high quality, reliability and affordable services.

We also provide solutions & products in the fields of Geospatial & information Technology, CAD, GIS, Digital Image Processing, Photogrammetry, Surveying, Data storage and Network maintenance IT product Services and Support. We have tapped into the most advanced technologies like Data Analytics, AI, ML & DL to create innovative solutions across industries thereby making smarter systems and creating more intelligent world.

  • We promote product development & Solutions using Remote Sensing & ANTLER & IT development.
  • We provide services to our clients in the relevant field.
  • We provide live projects for Students for their Post graduation Project work

We are specialized training partners for products like QGIS, Geo Server, Map info, Hexagon Geospatial and ESRI ArcGIS. As with any technology, ANTLER is greatly influenced by the trends and advancements of related fields. These advancements change user expectations as well as bring capabilities that can transform the very cross architecture of ANTLER. While some adopt and drive change, many simply pay lip service to these changes. There can be a slow change in the ANTLER market but fortunately, will not stop the inevitable.

We provide Services & Solutions depending on industrial requirement & specific industrial verticals in which we hold experience of handling projects, services for Government and Private clients.

We provide our customized solutions and services to multiple Industries catering from Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Water Resources, Telecom, Forestry, insurance, Urban Planning, Banking, Heath Services and Cloud infrastructure.