Software Solutions

Software Distribution & development

We provide of flexible GIS enterprise solutions. Our comprehensive offerings include ERP infrastructure for distribution, development, and support of enterprise software. We specialize in embedded software development, customized software designing, and deployment software services. With a dedicated in-house sales and support team, we have established strong partnerships with industry-leading software products.

Our commitment is to ensure that our customers become Customers for Life. We achieve this by delivering exceptional product and program support. With us software marketing and distribution have never been easier. We have a dedicated team and a global sales network, making us the go-to company in the industry. Our partnerships with leading software product developers enable us to offer top-notch software distribution services.

Over the past decade, we have built a vast clientele, making it effortless for us to provide excellent support and software distribution for our partners. we provide cutting-edge GIS software components for design, engineering, and manufacturing applications. Our solutions empower customers to bring innovative applications to the market efficiently, with reduced development time and costs.

Product development & Testing services

Adepto boasts a skilled team of seasoned geospatial experts dedicated to fulfilling your business and technical requirements. Our sales team serves as your primary contact and is adept at swiftly addressing your production needs and business strategies.

Our offerings include:

1.Web-based Geomatics solutions

2.Integrated mapping applications

3.Tailor-made application development

4.Comprehensive data support

5.Rigorous software testing

Data Protection & Storage Solutions

The Adepto Continuous Data Protection solution empowers you to meet your operational recovery requirements swiftly, effortlessly, and confidently. Our solution seamlessly operates across various operating systems and storage arrays, enabling you to achieve precise point-in-time recovery capabilities and enhanced recovery point objectives. Whether you need to recover to the moment just before data corruption or to a previously consistent state, we have you covered.

Key Benefits:

1.Protected data: Safeguard your valuable data effectively.

2.Coordinated recoveries: Streamline recovery processes for efficient operations.

3.Complete recovery flexibility: Regain control by choosing the desired recovery point.

4.Greater simplicity: Simplify your data protection and recovery procedures.

We offer a wide array of specialized functions that adhere to industry best practices, meet service level requirements, and deliver tangible business outcomes. Our expertise lies in combining diverse storage applications to create tailored storage solutions that cater to your unique business needs. Through a comprehensive assessment of your existing storage solutions, applications, and technologies, we optimize storage resource utilization, minimize throughput bottlenecks, and enhance recovery time, all while minimizing downtime. Our solutions deeply integrate with virtualization platforms and host operating systems, providing superior data protection, flexible connectivity, and capacity performance optimization. With storage solutions designed to support strategic planning and storage automation, our proficient staff excels in data backup, data protection management, data storage networking, data availability replication, data restore, and data storage virtualization.

Adepto is chosen by our customers for our extensive range of storage technologies and our ability to combine them to create solutions that align with service level requirements and industry best practices.

Embrace smart information management for a smarter business. Access tailored services that cater to your specific needs.

Network Management & Support

Network Management provides supple solutions to meet the accurate requirements of our clients. Our network design and implementation team offers ample network services such as installation, configuration, testing, support and management. We perform proactive maintenance in order to prevent system problems.

Adepto is a total IT solution partner that focuses solely on businesses exceptional computing, networking and application needs. Serving hundreds of organizations across every major industry, the company helps its clients achieve their business leadership objectives by lowering the cost and maximizing the performance of their information technology systems. Our broad geographic reach, extensively certified knowledgeable staff and preferred vendor relationships meets the information technology planning, design, implementation, maintenance and management requirements of both single and multiplication enterprises. We have a proven track record, an enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, and the expertise your business needs.

ANTLER Network management & support plays an important part in assuring that your network is running at peak performance. Network management helps you to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of your network, as well as determine any configuration changes that may be necessary. Adepto has what it takes to manage your network and maximize its performance. Any controlled changes to your network and its components-especially configurations, software and cabling, can have an effect on its overall efficiency. To maintain control, you need the tools and knowledge to manage all activity that has the potential to affect your network. Our certified technicians have the experience necessary to oversee all aspects of your networking infrastructure. We will use the latest remote access application and resources to provide you with the fastest and cost effective network management solution.

Core Networking Services

1.Network Installations

2.Network Maintenance

3.Network Management

4.Network Security & support

5.Migration of Legacy network and configuration setup

Scientific Software Applications

Our core competency allows our customers to leverage the best practices, reusable components, and rapid implementation frameworks, along with the experience of our highly qualified developers. When packaged software does not address your requirement effectively. Custom Application Development practice encompasses a wide range of services on the Open Source and scientific software platforms.

We develop multifunctional scientific applications / software to use in scientific and other fields. Scientific application / software development needs a lot of personal expertise for its different modules and so we strongly seek collaborators with matching and/or complementary interests. We are happy to offer our services to appropriate groups and companies to complement their work and welcome their services to complement our efforts. We also look forward to collaborating with governmental and non-governmental reputed research organizations to whom we offer a competent collaboration free from bureaucratic work culture.

Geospatial Application Services

Domain expertise

Our Application Development and Maintenance capability includes the domains of solution engineering, application design & development, performance & reliability engineering, application maintenance and legacy application migration.

The Adepto Edge

You can reduce your software and infrastructure development and maintenance costs by one-half to two-thirds by utilizing our application development and maintenance services. Our proven track record and tried & tested Global Delivery methodology ensures that we consistently generate value for our customers.

We have mastered the product development and maintenance lifecycle process with thorough knowledge of various tools, techniques & methodologies across development & testing.

We have significant knowledge across the comprehensive range of application development using C++, Java and Microsoft .NET technologies. Our proficiency in chief application development technologies as well as our rich experience and knowledge of different integration platforms in conjunction with our domain knowledge sets us apart as a complete services partner.

Core Services

  • Consulting for Enterprise GIS Solutions
  • Application Development, Deployment and Maintenance.
  • Product Maintenance, Testing, Localization and design services.
  • Internet/Intranet based GIS Services
  • Spatial Analysis over Web.
  • Integration of GIS Applications with Internet Map Servers.
  • Migration of Legacy database from Client Server systems to Internet based GIS Applications.